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Dress Fittings

On the day of your fitting, please bring with you the underwear

which you intend to wear on the day as different underwear can affect your shape and the fit of your dress.

You will also need to bring the shoes that you will be wearing and inform us if you intend to diet before the occasion.



A few tips to bear in mind regarding your underwear:


1. Shape wear is a girl's best friend!

It provides the perfect base to a flattering and well fitting dress. No matter what size you are, items such as control pants smooth out any lumps and bumps, creating a perfectly smooth and slimmer you!

They also allow you to move freely and are less bulky and costly than corsets.


2. There's nothing better than a well fitting bra!

Wearing the wrong size bra can create lumps around your back, under your

arms and can cut into your bust; all of which will show through the fabric of your dress.

Don't be shy about getting measured. Shops like M&S have well trained staff

who can usually tell your size just by looking at you. They also do all the hard work

for you so you can find the perfect bra without lifting a finger.

If your dress is not dark in colour, stick to a nude / natural shade which won't show through the opt for plain styles.



Remember three key words:


Shape, Smooth & Simple


Wearing the correct underwear will ensure that you look a million dollars!!